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Posted by virtualdark em 2009/09/19

Que me desculpem os Portugueses mas este é um post para quem está lá fora e não entende a nossa lingua Lusa.
I am sory Portuguese readers but this is a post to help foreign people.
TRANSLATION TO ENGLISH  ->  /  … or other language
Sometimes people write to me asking to translate some posts… someone started using the Google translation tool:
It looks like it’s preaty good. But…
… you have to click de Title, for example, the title of this post it’s: "TRANSLATION TO ENGLISH", then you will have at the address bar a new link for that post, that’s the link you have to use in the white rectangle at Google Translation.
If you do not do this and translate all the blog you’ll probably won’t be able to see anything! I don’t know why this is like that, I supose that’s how Google tool works🙂
Translation to English has only minor mistakes, but you get the idea. Don’t know about other languages.

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